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Microwave links

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Microwave links rely on terrestrial microwave signals propagating through the lower atmosphere. These communication links are made up of hertzian beams that are comprised of very high frequency radio waves (between 300 MHz and 300 GHz).
They are well suited to carry information (voice, images, video, computer data) on long distance and over remote or rugged terrain.
Typically, microwaves networks are used in television, mobile phone, GPS, radio, Internet, etc.

Microwave links network are made up of :

  •   Terminal points (radioequipment: an active and a backup),
  •   Relay stations (2 active equipment and one or 2 backup).

The execution of microwave communication network requires a detailed study of traffic analysis and terrain datas to determine the locations of note and repeaters sites and equipment parameters required to meet availability goal of signals according to the terrain.

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